Restaurant in Mantua: the restaurant and typical Tuscan and Mantuan dishes

Taverna Bonacolsi.

The philosophy of this restaurant is based on the concept of the Different, in trying to give pleasant emotions both in the food and in its union with the wine. We define this as the Renaissance of Taste, in the search for the raw material and in its interpretation, both for food and for wine.

In food, Chef Alessandro Sordi interprets his experience in the dishes that come from his homeland, instead making small innovations in the dishes of the Mantuan tradition.

In the beverage sector, Giovanni exploits his thirty years of knowledge as an oenologist to offer wines with excellent organoleptic qualities, in compliance with environmental sustainability and consumer health, always keeping in mind the concept of the Different, i.e. wines that are representative of the territories of origin, seeking if possible the Organic and as much as possible without the use of chemistry.

The Different also represents putting man at the center as a consumer who must find in our restaurant a culture of eating well, healthy, with tastes that are always different in quality.

Our client's emotion is our project, the presence of multiple tastes in research is the philosophy of the new Renaissance of taste both in food and in its natural complement which is wine.

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The restaurant is located in Mantua, a UNESCO world heritage city.