Restaurant with wines with excellent organoleptic qualities

the good Wine.

In our Wine List, edited by Giovanni Sordi, a Tuscan winemaker with work experience developed throughout the national territory, we have searched for you only wines from small and medium-sized companies, of high quality, wines that in the city of Mantua you can practically only find at the Taverna Bonacolsi.

In this wine list we describe the sensations that they transmitted to us during their tasting, to allow all our patrons, even if they are newbies, to make an informed choice in the combination with the dishes chosen and proposed by chef Alessandro.

We would like to reiterate that these are wines with excellent organoleptic qualities, representative of the territories of origin, produced in compliance with environmental sustainability and selected as much as possible from organic productions and without the use of chemicals.

The philosophy of this restaurant is based on the concept of the Different, in trying to give pleasant emotions both in the food and in its union with the wine.

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The restaurant is located in Mantua, a UNESCO world heritage city.